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Have you ever seen what lives under your rugs?

Dust MitesDust mites, mold, mildew, dander, allergens, fungus, beetles, pollutants, chemicals and a perfect haven for possible bedbug infestations. These health hazards are asthma and allergy triggers and are the biggest contributors to indoor air pollution. Doctors are now insisting on the removal of carpeting for people affected by allergies and for those who simply want to breathe easier!

In today’s world, instant return on investment is hard to contemplate!

Nothing provides you a bigger “bang for the buck” than the installation of hardwood floors in your home. Unlike most home improvements, hardwood floors are a relatively low cost improvement that instantly enhances one’s home value..and it does so substantially!

Fact is…homes that have wood floors sell 70% faster and command a premium!

Have you seen the real estate listings lately? Hardwood floors are consistently on the top of today’s featured listings…nationwide! If you watch any HGTV program, then you are aware that the installation of hardwood flooring is paramount in the construction or renovation of today’s home